General information
They move at normal speed. If you do manage to outrun them they seem to get bored or forget what they are doing and start wandering off in random directions.

Seem to have little if any wisdom at all.

Health seems to vary from one-shot-able to WHY! WONT! YOU! GO! DOWN?!?

They tackle and grapple a lot and have little regard for themselves.

Not the smartest but also don’t underestimate them. They are not purely dumb.

Pro Tips
Out running them is not necessarily the best option as they move as fast as you.

Try kiting if you can, but watch the OAs.

Seem to swarm. If you’re all that forms a threat they will come after you.

They are undead – Use holy spells etc to kill them though a hammer works well.

Once you’ve killed them you need to completely destroy the bodies, burning them is a good choice, otherwise they can be raised again as zombies.


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