General Information
Trolls are bad. Do not engage. If you see one. Run.

Also, try paying them gold to pass, I hear that works.

Seem to have high AC, hit like mofo’s and keep getting back up. Need to be outwitted. Pull them off your friends (see: grapple), give yourself plenty of time to run away.

If a body part is severed then it may grow back in duplicate. Beware.

They have multiple attacks and bite.

They also come in at least two colours – green and maroon.

Don’t speak common.

Pro Tips
Vulnerable to fire and acid damage, which stops them from regenerating, but don’t rely on it, because once that damage stops being applied. They will fuck your shit up.

Need to CC them. Disable as many as possible and focus fire, literally fire, them down.

Keep them away from you. Immobilize them.


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