Letter from Frulum to Draph

It appears we are undone. A vagabond group of simpletons entered the camp and have escaped with the monk: They saw little, but appear to know much… We have no choice but to cut the timeframe short: We cannot risk being besieged by the harpers or their allies while operations are still so… disparate.

Rezmir has ordered the eggs be moved, barring a few that are too close to hatching to safely transport. She has ordered me to stay behind for a few days to safeguard the hatching before Cyanwrath and I depart to follow her north.

I will have no opportunity to see a response here – If you are able, I urge you to meet me in Blackgate as planned, but to be there in a tenday from receiving this letter. I will find you there, and we will travel together from there.

I have your promised payment with me: Much is in the form of antiquities, as there has been too little time to liquidate. I have a few items that I think you will find of particular interest, and you have my word that you will not be disappointed with the spoils.
A final word of caution: I strongly suggest that you not pass word to your kin of your movement – this change in timeframe will not impact our arrangements with them, and I expect they would not take the news lightly.


Letter from Frulum to Draph

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