Letter from Draph to Frulum

My dearest Frulum,

I know not whether this letter will find you, but I must try.

I am afraid that I am in no position to leave Elturel, for I have been under the watch of the loyalist swine who hunt me still and their operatives within the Thieves Guild. It is only a matter of time before they strike and I cannot risk that happening in the open streets.

I will do what I can to forge my defences and then make my way to Daggerford and follow your trail from there – The muck dwellers may not be Gnomish, but I’m sure I can convince them to aid me all the same.

You should also know that it appears our alliance with the Pack of Rats was not as secure as we thought… it appears that the flow of both information and gold has been in both directions. I don’t know how much has been relayed, but I fear that it is sufficient to damn us both if word makes it to Rezmir.

I will have to leave much behind to journey to you, but trust that the spoils that you mentioned will be adequate. You do know my tastes, after all.



Letter from Draph to Frulum

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