Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The end

What is going on? Really? Why?
Ok so I come out of having a nice rest and now I am mired in Battle walled into a tower!
No, this is not ok.
Right, yup, I am being hauled up this wall by my leg. This things claws better not be griming up my pants to badly. My coat, this thing has stopped with me upside down and my coat is on the floor. On the Floor! This is a wonderful white coat and it is on the floor. On. The. Floor. At the very least it could have taken me far enough up the wall … and now I am on the floor too. Thanks I think?
Temperance hit the thing that tried to take me up the wall, Hard. Ew, I do not know what that black goo is but I hope it doesn’t stain. That’s so gross.
I introduce myself to the icky rats at my feet in the hopes that once they know who I am they will leave me alone. I step to the side to get out of the way of them. Chad does seem to be chatting to the happily …
I need to get to the other side of the room and away from this puddle of vampire goo.
I ask for people to clear my runway.
Oh look! Chad knows what up and he is now in white fur as well… Cute.
I step forward and introduce myself to another batch of rats, Chad has assure me that they are friendly. Ouch! Chad I thought you were handling this
The Vampire dissipates … Haha who thinks I should blow this bitch Away! Away … Away?
Well that worked less well then I had expected …
What on earth … Wow Chad! You are really, really strong. Get out of the way! Have another go Chad.
Wow sky, it is such a lovely night. We rest a while before we head out, no long enough for me but some of us feel revitalised for it.
We walk toward Blagosgus he is a lovely friend and we really ought to see him again. As we get into his court yard we meet some friends. They ask us to place out weapons and out bags down against the wall. Excellent finally someone is looking to show us the respect that we deserve and they will carry our bags up those dastardly stairs for us
OUCH! Shit that hur …


Troy_ lani_garad

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