Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A new........ Friend?

It was kind of SIka to advise us to check our beds, it seems there was a pointy surprise in there for us. Ariel collects the caltrops and pockets them for use later. I sit down with Ariel and think of where we should go next and we both agree the Emerald Claw are where we should be looking. A quick dinner of mammoth proportions thanks to Lyn and we are settled in for the night. We are visited once again by Sika in the morning and she provides us with a little information on the Emerald Claw. They are an anarchist group that hates technology, they have no head quarters as such but she believes there is a local gathering at the local Temple to the Traveller. I create the water to pay Sika for her information and we set out about our day.

We head to the guild district as Ariel and Al’Xander want to sign up to be inquisitives, it seems Ariel wishes to not-so subtley look for Thuranni’s also. She seems obsessed with the bakery in the guild district, however they seem most unco-operative for a place of business. Ariel and Al’Xander have signed up to be inquisitives and we have a not so quick breakfast at a local cafe…… Who orders cake cooked fresh for breakfast? After we have eaten we set off for the Temple to the Traveller East, and our day really begins.

About 4 and a half hours pass and we find the Temple, however there is also dogs of a demonic nature eating a carcass. This filth needs to be rid from our plane. After an arudous fight, we are successful in dispatching the foul demon spawn and head in to the temple. Inside there is nought but an arcane barrier of sorts and a devil named Diego. He explains that he has been bound here by the Priests from ages past signalling to the dagger lodged in his back. I do not love devils, but an enemy of an enemy is a friend…..? I disloge the dagger from Diego’s back, and suddenly Diego is freed. Well as free as it seems….. Until I realize that I cannot drop the dagger….. and DIego is happily following me now……. This day has taken an interesting turn


Troy_ Smeggles

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