Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Aloysius Cain and the Two-Tone Traitor

A manhunt. Out of my wheelhouse a little, but i’m sure i can bring him in.
Whether he survives being reunited with Stormbeard is another question entirely.
I spy some guards and attempt to coax some information about Baldrick Stonefist from them.
They were of little use, but i proimised them a reward should information they provide lead to apprehension.
The Captain meets Urth and I outside and I enquire if he recalls which deity Baldrick preferred, he believes it was Fharlanghn, as was common among the ships crew.

We head to the local Fharlanghn establishment in Waterdeep and catch the end of their proceedings.
The Captain keeps an eye out for anyone who bears his striking resemblance and as luck (or good detective work) would have it, he spies someone.
Though “she” has the same blonde spiked hair and fiery facial adornment, when confronted she claims not to know of Baldrick.
Something is clearly amiss, so we follow her back to her domecile. After some time, the Chaplain of Fharlanghn exits and we stop him for some questions.
He agrees to be our go between with the dwarf in question and we set a time to meet the next morning.

The morning comes and we head to the Church where we find the Chaplain, the female dwarf and a litter of similarly attributed dwarf children.
Her name is Waldrick and she is Baldrick’s wife. It’s all starting to add up now.
She hasn’t seen him for nearly a year and asks us to find him for her, but tells us he was known to frequent the docks, so we make that our next point of call.

Before we find the docks, we cross paths with Temperence and inform her of our discoveries thus far. She has been doing some detective work of her own, and has information that he was associating with the target of her search, Frulam, the white haired lady.
Her source tells her they were headed to the top of Mount Waterdeep, so we head there without delay.

Atop the mountain we locate the ruins of a temple that Temperence tells me was the once place of worship for a long past god, Isa.

Before we can discuss our next move, Jojo bolts inside the ruins, Urth quickly on her heels.

I make to follow, but fire comes pouring out of the doorway. I poke my head aroudnd the corner and see two flaming skulls take to the sky.

The battle is hard fought and not without injury, but with the quick thinking of Urth pulling one from the sky, we are able to best them and we make our way inside what appears to be a temple inside the mountain.


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