Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A new........ Friend?

It was kind of SIka to advise us to check our beds, it seems there was a pointy surprise in there for us. Ariel collects the caltrops and pockets them for use later. I sit down with Ariel and think of where we should go next and we both agree the Emerald Claw are where we should be looking. A quick dinner of mammoth proportions thanks to Lyn and we are settled in for the night. We are visited once again by Sika in the morning and she provides us with a little information on the Emerald Claw. They are an anarchist group that hates technology, they have no head quarters as such but she believes there is a local gathering at the local Temple to the Traveller. I create the water to pay Sika for her information and we set out about our day.

We head to the guild district as Ariel and Al’Xander want to sign up to be inquisitives, it seems Ariel wishes to not-so subtley look for Thuranni’s also. She seems obsessed with the bakery in the guild district, however they seem most unco-operative for a place of business. Ariel and Al’Xander have signed up to be inquisitives and we have a not so quick breakfast at a local cafe…… Who orders cake cooked fresh for breakfast? After we have eaten we set off for the Temple to the Traveller East, and our day really begins.

About 4 and a half hours pass and we find the Temple, however there is also dogs of a demonic nature eating a carcass. This filth needs to be rid from our plane. After an arudous fight, we are successful in dispatching the foul demon spawn and head in to the temple. Inside there is nought but an arcane barrier of sorts and a devil named Diego. He explains that he has been bound here by the Priests from ages past signalling to the dagger lodged in his back. I do not love devils, but an enemy of an enemy is a friend…..? I disloge the dagger from Diego’s back, and suddenly Diego is freed. Well as free as it seems….. Until I realize that I cannot drop the dagger….. and DIego is happily following me now……. This day has taken an interesting turn

The end

What is going on? Really? Why?
Ok so I come out of having a nice rest and now I am mired in Battle walled into a tower!
No, this is not ok.
Right, yup, I am being hauled up this wall by my leg. This things claws better not be griming up my pants to badly. My coat, this thing has stopped with me upside down and my coat is on the floor. On the Floor! This is a wonderful white coat and it is on the floor. On. The. Floor. At the very least it could have taken me far enough up the wall … and now I am on the floor too. Thanks I think?
Temperance hit the thing that tried to take me up the wall, Hard. Ew, I do not know what that black goo is but I hope it doesn’t stain. That’s so gross.
I introduce myself to the icky rats at my feet in the hopes that once they know who I am they will leave me alone. I step to the side to get out of the way of them. Chad does seem to be chatting to the happily …
I need to get to the other side of the room and away from this puddle of vampire goo.
I ask for people to clear my runway.
Oh look! Chad knows what up and he is now in white fur as well… Cute.
I step forward and introduce myself to another batch of rats, Chad has assure me that they are friendly. Ouch! Chad I thought you were handling this
The Vampire dissipates … Haha who thinks I should blow this bitch Away! Away … Away?
Well that worked less well then I had expected …
What on earth … Wow Chad! You are really, really strong. Get out of the way! Have another go Chad.
Wow sky, it is such a lovely night. We rest a while before we head out, no long enough for me but some of us feel revitalised for it.
We walk toward Blagosgus he is a lovely friend and we really ought to see him again. As we get into his court yard we meet some friends. They ask us to place out weapons and out bags down against the wall. Excellent finally someone is looking to show us the respect that we deserve and they will carry our bags up those dastardly stairs for us
OUCH! Shit that hur …

Tuarascáil Misean an chéad, buille faoi thuairim mé

Ainm an Ghníomhaire: Chad Mossbinder
Dáta na tuarascála: I dunno, Elesias rud éigin? 1489DR.
Misean Uimhir: Really?
Dhruid Joint Ionadaithe: D ó Ordú na Gauntlet.

Whoah … is é seo, cosúil le, a lán iarrachtaí?

deartháireacha agus deirfiúracha Aloha, Sead Mossbinder tuairisciú in ó roinnt gcaisleán ag eitilt áit éigin. Tá an teachtaireacht ag teacht isteach piping te, ach níl mé ag tar éis an Enclave stíl ceadaithe, toisc go bhfuil seo a dhéanamh, cosúil le, cheana féin bummer? Y’know?

F agus mé i dteagmháil leis an bhfoireann Ontharr i dtrioblóid.

Ó, ag labhairt D: an míntíriú Clawdale bhí, cosúil le, ar éirigh? Ach an Kahunas Big fhéadfadh iarraidh, cosúil le, seolta le roinnt pearsanra a mhúineadh dóibh conas aire a thabhairt don talamh, agus iad féin beagán níos mó, agus mar sin ní hionann, ar nós, tarlú arís – bhí trolls agus, cosúil le, zombies, bras.

Ugh, tá sé seo amhlaidh, cosúil le, agus taosc? Tá mé ceaptha a bheith ar a bhfuil misean domhain chríoch namhaid ceilte taobh istigh? Agus nach bhfuil sé go praiticiúil dom a, cosúil le, a dhéanamh ar mo chuid síos-am, toisc go bhfuil Chad am.

Hug, mar sin, tar éis páirt inár gcéad ngleic taobh leis an Ordú an chomhalta Gauntlet agus an dá freelancers, is féidir liom a rá cén fáth go bhfuil na Ciúin gComhairle iontaofa dóibh leis an misean seo, ach is féidir liom freisin, cosúil le, cén fáth cuireadh dúinn i mar chúltaca.

Tá roinnt teannais tromchúiseach san áit seo. Ceann de na freelancers, Joj, bhí, cosúil le, showdown lena Bro ag an am céanna go raibh showdown an comhalta Gauntlet, Tempy, le s’aicise atá ann. Is rud maith D agus tá mé i ndáiríre Bros, ar shlí eile d’fhéadfadh rudaí a bheith … Ní idéalach, y’know? Beidh orainn a chéile Déanann gcónaí.

Ó, os mé dearmad. Tá Seacht uair an charm, bras! D a rith go hiomlán amach, ach an uair seo, chuir mé mo! Bhí sé chomh righteous!

Mar sin, is cosúil go bhfuil an áit seo faoi úinéireacht agus á bhfeidhmiú ag fathach scamall ainmnithe Blagothcus agus an spiorad a bhean chéile Esclarotta – oh, táimid ag go hiomlán fuaraithe ina tuama agus nuair a d’fhág muid, bhí, cosúil le, ambushed ag vampire agus roinnt dá cuid sceith. Dar le roinnt ogres – ó, is cosúil go bhfuil Blagothcus roinnt ogres ina fhostú, ach an chuid is mó iad dílis don slunce. Mar sin féin, d’inis na ogres dúinn go raibh Sandesil ar a thaobh, mar sin figured mé go raibh sí díreach, cosúil le, a chosaint tuama Esclarotta s? Roinnt francaigh agus sciatháin leathair isteach sa fray, ach ina luí mé iad a fhágáil.

Chad amach, bras.


Men on a mission

Another rough night thanks to Ontharr, but I can see why he brought me and Chad in. I have never seen the likes of ghostly horsemen, undead trolls or such horribly dressed zombies. But now that Clawdale has been cleansed I look forward to some downtime…….. Whats that? We are to head again so soon? This must be serious for Ontharr to move us so quickly. Well better get some shut eye in first.

Stretches right well I guess we should find out where we are off to this time. Thousands of miles to the north? How on earth do you expect us to get there now?… NO Chad for the last time, I like being me. I know you like being animals but the thought of it makes my skin crawl. This mystery woman wants us to touch her finger… and Ontharr says they can be trusted. Well I’ll take anything over being turned in to a beast by Chad. And there it is and go! What on earth….. I’m floating…. and Chad has turned into a cloud. Oh by the gods, a cloud is as bad as a beast! Well nothing for it now through we go!

This metal clad person must be who Ontharr has sent us to, she seems to be in a hurry, well after her I suppose. Curse this form, give me my legs back so I can run! Ahhhh back to my old self again, and we are off. This strange frail fellow is leading the way? I’m not sure where we are off to but anyone can see he shouldn’t be heading the charge. There we go, just tell me where we are headed man and I’ll make sure the way is safe. Ah it seems these guests mayhaps are what we are fleeing from, oh well down to business Danny boy.

These dragonmen don’t seem to have experienced a real dogpile before, scrapping is not their strength. STAY DOWN DOG. And 1, 2, and one of Pa’s old shove and smash and there we go. Right now can we find out what the hell we are doing here? What the hell is a squiggles?….. oh that felt good…. Thats a handy thing to have. Well yes of course time is short, I would probably be more inclined to hurry if I knew WHY time was short! Temperence eh? This is the one that Ontharr has mentioned from the order. Well I’m here to help you achieve whatever goals you have lady….. we are not alone. Downstairs quick – Chad we need you to be a bit less cramped! Lets show this bunch how we do it!

These new folk seem far to familiar with Temperence and her crew…. a brother? Another brother! What sort of mess has Ontharr sent us into? Oh no family bonds there…. well lets get to it Chad – its time for the cavalry! Gah these tentacles have a grip of iron….. well they won’t keep old Danil down, HNGGGGGH Ahhh there we go. Aha! found you you sneaky little bastard – and over the top we go! You have no idea of the strength of the Jesh line you snivelling man, cast your magicks now! Hah, and thats what you get for magicking at Danil Jesh! And thats the last of it. My word that armour is exquisite – Such fine craftsmanship, but no time to ogle lets get these bodies off the stairs to question them. Orders lady? Oh I see. Orders is orders – a quick soldiers death for you – Wait…. what… just cut his throat lady, don’t play with his hair! Ugh this is going to be a long trek Chad….. lets hope Ontharr knows what he is about.

Rox falls and people die
Temperance Diary Entry 8 (or 9)

It’s been a harrowing, awful and fruitful day. Rox and the Captain are dead, we’ve made friends with a Cloud Giant and promised to help him get his children back from the cult, there is a white Dragon on the loose and now we are floating over Bahamut knows where, in a Giant’s flying ice castle. I’ve also suffered several concussions and been unable to contact Onthar.

I should probably start my story at the beginning of the day.

We began by discussion how we would go about finding, approaching and entering the castle. We have the hand signal and the two passphrases, but we unfortunately also have two banners to choose from. I thought it would be the multi-coloured flag and thankfully everyone else agrees.
We start heading toward the direction of the castle all the while I’m thinking we don’t stand a chance and that I need to update Onthar.

After a while Aloysius said he heard something like a snapping branch. I drew my weapons but continued the march.

Before I see anything further Jojo announces that we are surrounded by 4 white drake dogs and a large 4 armed troll. All I could think about was how much I loathe both these creatures. Trolls had already taken my good friends lives and the drake dog always put up one Tiamut of a fight.

There are tails whipping around and spells going off all over the place. There are white streaks about the forest as the drakes move around. It all happens in a flash.

The troll makes a huge, highly successful attach at me. Completely knocking the wind out of me. If this fight is ours it will be sorely won indeed is all I could think as I smash my hammer into an approaching drake. The party seem to be handling it ok. They are able to dodge the drakes enough to remain on their feet.

Out of nowhere a fireball goes off and Alissa shows up; then everything goes black.
Suddenly my eyes open and I turn to see a giant troll facing away from me. I stand as quickly as I dare and hit it as hard as I can. Being a little unstable on my feet I miss it the second time.

Aloysius seems to have lost his focus and misses the troll three times with fire. Suddenly I remember that Troll are especially susceptible to fire and acid damage. How could I forget? How could I let down Vestri, Opal, Efram and Melody like that? Fire. I try to ready a smite.

The captain shoots his tentacles at the troll and seems to hit. While I watch this I’m momentarily distracted and everything goes black again.
I open my eyes again, feeling worse than I have in my entire life. Aloysius helps me stand and I can barely move on my own. This is a terrible position to be in just before we hope to enter the Castle. How on Faerune are we going to do this?

We limp our way south and make a spot for a fire and a bit of a rest. Aloysius heals me (again I think) with his new wand and I feel much better for it and the rest.
We continue south very carefully and come across a small town, of no more 20 buildings with a large town square that’s clear of snow and has some deep wagon tracks.

I suddenly remember Crowe and Efram and ask about snow berries. Rox says that the bushes nearby are snow berries, so I actually take the time to fill a vial that Jojo gave me. I silently swear to myself that will make it back to Eltural to give these to Crowe on Efram’s behalf.

We walk into the town and past some stables in disrepair as well as 5 people standing outside some town buildings. They appear to be keeping a look out for something so I ask them what they are looking at. Two of them refuse to answer and I don’t want to push my luck.
We go into the warm tavern and purchase some food while asking some questions of the tavern guy. He confirms that the castle we can see is Sky Reach Castle.

After some time we get inundated by the locals asking us about our travels. To humour them we tell them about an 8 armed troll. Then we see the tavern guy return and all the town’s folk scatter and won’t talk to us again. Suddenly outside the tavern door, across the square I see someone gesturing to me. Trying to think on my feet I convince Rox to be sick and we walk outside to follow the guy. He tells me that we are in immediate danger and we need to follow and leave immediately.

After some serious thinking and questions I decide to trust him and go back to get the others. I find Jojo with Rox and I tell her to get the other two and bring my food.
Once we are all together we walk into the forest and I pin the guy against a tree. Eventually he explains that he’s a normal person from the town and that the town is full of the cult. Apparently they have been here for over a year now, Resmire came through yesterday morning. Well it’s the only half dragon that he’s seen. The castle appeared 2 months ago. We offer Gundalin the wheel write the opportunity to be turned into foam and pushed through the ring to maybe live and be somewhere else. He declines and I am unable to contact Onthar. I hope he’s ok. I write a quick note to him, explain where we are and what we need to do next and re-join the others.

After a lot of discussion we go and check out the stables. We find that the door is barred from the outside and I presume that it’s to keep something inside. I pull out my shield and hammer preying to Bahamut that Rox or Jojo do not open that door. Rox does and I see nothing inside. I assume that there is definitely something there and that not being able to see it is worse than seeing it. Suddenly we hear a roar like a lion and Aloysius says that there is something in there. The Captain suggests that they are dragons and all I can think and pray is, please don’t go in there; please don’t go in there. I’m getting ready to crash tackle Jojo or Rox if they go to enter. I wanted nothing less than to go into that stable to ‘see’ what is in there. We had enough problems without adding another fight to the day. Eventually we decide to leave well enough alone and approach the Castle.

After some frustrating stuffing around to attach the banner to a spear we approach the castle. We drop down a small drop to a draw bridge and walk across it. There were ballista’s pointing at us but none fired. As we walked along the bridge I saw a male giant and a female giant eyeing each other off. After a moment I think they are statues.
The Captain entered the castle, then Rox, Aloysius, Jojo then me. We each say the pass phrase and by some miracle we don’t die.

The Captain knocks on the giant door and tries the hand signal. No one comes to open it but we push through to see an entire courtyard and castle made of ice.

We head east and see a human sized spiral staircase. Aloysius suggests that we got up as that looks like where the officer’s lounge is. I have no idea where he comes up with these things. We head upstairs. Round and round we go. Eventually we get up to a landing and find a long corridor. Aloysius says we should keep going up, so we do and enter another courtyard. We see no one except an ogre.

We open a door and see 4 ogres with fancy plumed helmets. Unfortunately a chime sounds as we open the door and the ogres draw clubs. Thinking quickly the Captain hails Teamut and Blagothkus and tells them to put their weapons away “you fools”.  T tells us that no little ones are allowed here. Remembering that I have a potion of Giants Growth I force the Captain to drink it. He grows to about 12 feet tall, which is not quite as tall as an ogre.
The Captain tells him that we need to see the security. The ogres say that Blagothkus is upstairs and there is an alarm.  Eventually the ogres let us go upstairs and believe Rox when he says we are big ones in disguise.

As we head upstairs The Captain goes back to him normal size. I was really hoping that it would last longer. We climb up the giant stairs and see a (presumably) cloud giant.

He says something and I turn and look at Jojo. She says she heard him say “who are you and why are you here”? Then asks in common.

I hear the Captain say that we are there to crash the castle!!!!!!!!!!!!! He asks where Resmire is and apparently she will be in her chambers in the glacier. Out of nowhere the Captain asks if the giant knows how to make someone a dark mantle. I don’t know why or what’s he’s talking about.

Blagothkus (the cloud giant) says that the castle will leave when Esclarotta (his wife) says so. He won’t tell us where she is and tells us to leave her tomb alone. Turns out that she has passed.
He asks for our names and we tell the whole truth, it seems the best bet now. I tell him that we are here to stop the cult of the dragon and he says that he seeks the freedom of his children.
I also find out that he revers Stronmaus, whose domains are chaos, protection, storm and war and good. he is impressed with me and i bow in respect.

The Captain tells him that Talis sent us there and I ask where the castle is going. He explains that he does not know and that the Cult have his children. He doesn’t know where his children are. He and they are cloud giants and apparently cloud giants are born about my size and he last saw them when they were 10 ft tall.

It turned out that some of the ogres are on his side and some are with the cult. He also asks us to kill the white cloud chasing dragon while we are here. We agree and say that we will do what we can to unite him with his children.

The Captain asks if there is somewhere we can rest. Blagothkus suggests his bed and he puts us up on the bed to rest.
As we are dozing off we hear a voice saying that we are about to take off and that more instructions will come soon, for now we are just going up. 1000 ft up.
The Captain wants to kill the guy that came in, apparently he is a former crew member called Finn.

Blagothkus tells us to hang onto something so I grab the bear skins bedding and close my eyes. We felt a take-off and then it’s smooth.

After a rest we give Blagothkus his bed back. I hadn’t even considered that if we were there he couldn’t sleep and I apologise for keeping him up. It was very kind of him to let us remain there. I truly hope that he is Good and that we might be able to reunited him with this children. He says he told his guard that we can come and go as we please. So we head out into the castle looking for Resmeer.

We passed some sleeping ogres in large arm chairs and work out way through the castle to find Resmire.
We decide to head towards the glacier. We walk through a corridor that ends with an ice door (with no handle) or a wall. Rox starts feeling around and suddenly the door disappears in front of us. Beyond is a wide tunnel slide. It goes up and down.
Rox steps in and slowly moves his way up. After not long (actually longer than I expected) he loses his footing and slides back towards us and the door. He tries again and seems successful then disappears from view.
After an anxious while he yells that there’s nothing up there as we hear a loud clatter from below. He says he’s ok and Jojo decides to go down after him. Aloysius pushes her to help her on her way.
She lands and I ask down after her. She says that something is down there and we shouldn’t come down; that they are going to try to come back up. Then Rox calls out that there is a dragon down there and wants us to come down. jojo yells out that she wants to leave.

I couldn’t believe it. There is a Dragon down there. But in the name of Bahamut were we going to do. I ask the Captain and Aloysius what we should do. After some discussion we decide that live or die we need to go down and join them so we ready our weapons (I give Aloysius my spear) and we slide down hoping to land on the Dragon and surprise it.
I cast fire smite as I fall. I lad on the dragon and miss with two hits. Oh no! We can’t afford to make any misses. It’s a white dragon and it grabs me with it tail and pulls me. It hurts a lot and I worry that the fight is already lost. We need to get out. I hear Jojo saying she’s sorry but that she needs to get out of here.
Suddenly the dragon flies for a bit and settles down. It takes the Captain and with it the Captain was able to break free.
I start smashing it with divine fire. Hit then miss. More misses we can’t afford. The Dragon then moves us to the other side of the room and puts us down.
In a bellowing dragon voice it says that we brought this on ourselves. I’m not sure what we’ve done. I assume we’ve entered her lair and therefore we deserve to die. We continue to try to defeat her or but may we should be trying to talk our way out of this. I hit it again and miss and it uses her tail (still holding me) and smashes me into the ceiling.
It breathes its freezing cold breath on me (like I could do to it) as well as others. Rox and the Captain go down and it throws me across the room and everything goes black.
Suddenly I awake with Aloysius standing over me. I appeared to have suffered another concussion and knock out. I couldn’t see anything except a hug pile of gold and a small cliff. Apparently the dragon had gone and I had been through across to the far end of the room and off a small cliff. Thank Bahamut that it was small. I turn to look at the cliff and feel that though it’s not high that it is insurmountable. Aloysius gives me fly again and I wobbly hover-fly up the cliff after him.

Once back on ground level I can see that something in wrong. Neither Rox nor the Captain are moving. Aloysius goes towards the Captain and I go to Rox. Neither of them wake. After all my healing, Aloysius’ new wand and some healing kits they still don’t move. I realise with a sudden and crushing sadness that this Cult has claimed more of my companion’s lives. They are dead.

Castle in the clouds
DM Writeup

Alysa Payelli
It’s a wonder they put their armor on the right way around. Not surprising really, that lessers should behave like such simpletons. I shall enjoy testing that scaled abomination of a half-breed when this is said and done. She will be mine alone. We’ll see how chirpy she is once she has had those scales pulled one by one…

Dralmorrer Borngray
Zee answers ver not zerprising, but honestly I tsought zay vould find suspicious zat I ver asking about zuch topics as zese. I had heard zat Dragonborn have poor memories, but for even zee half elf to not notice zat I was enquiring about matters which had not been discussed vis Alysa is astounding to me. I vill enter zis into my findings, along vis zee apparent lack of care zat I presented zeir secret knock… such curious creatures zese are!

Ontharr Frume
Not long to go now. I do hope that the folk of Ironhill made it to safety: The buildings didn’t show signs of damage, and there were no corpses of fallen citizens, so all signs appear to point to evacuation… but to where? The towns to the north were not aware of anything having gone on, but the absence of northbound trade caravans is troubling to say the least.

Noz Beaurepaire
How things have changed… not two months ago, I could think of nothing worse than having to be a page, with their dirty faces and not two silver to rub together, but here I am; page to the Wyrmspeaker herself! This is an honour indeed; I will restore my family name to its rightful place in the history books, even if mother was too weak and stupid to carry out the legacy of our bloodline!

Rezmir the Black
Curse that wretched Talis. It’s no wonder that Severin stripped her of her “title”. She will pay for the insults, but not before I ensure that Varram is successful. Two gryphons with one boulder.

Jemna Gleamsilver
My… My ribs… what happened? It’s all foggy… there was a man… with an eyepatch… where am I – Why can’t I focus my vision? Everything is all… distorted? Huh… I can see myself fine. Am I on another plane? No, everything around me is just warped. If I go over: Ugh! A force wall? No, that’s glass… I’m surrounded by glass? Is that… cork? I could barely fit my hand through that opening; How am in here now? Is that Rox? It’s all muffled… ROX! ROX!

We must find the rings! We must help Urth! Our numbers grow, but we must gather talismans to serve Voaraghamanthar! His bidding be done! We are the Urthlings!

Alysa Payelli
Pinch of oregano… twist of lime… dash of truth potion… Blast! I didn’t turn the potatoes! Too late now… Doesn’t matter – not like their ilk will even notice a spoiled meal.

Dralmorrer Borngray
Vot vas zat? A cry for help? Zey vill be of no use at all if zey meet zeir end in zee caverns; I must intercede.

Finn Jandar
Oi’ll be glad to be airborne again; Oi’ve damn near lost me sky legs. Hah! Best be ‘memberin’ that one for when Baldik gets ‘ere. Beard deep in wenches, no doubt. ’oly man indeed. Oi wouldn’t be expecting ’im on time, but even late ’e should ’ave been ’ere boi now…

Tho’drath Veen
This cold is unnatural… like it starts in the bones and permeates outward. Another night here and we’ll surely lose numbers… The other portal must be close to Clawdale now, though: I never relish battle, but it will be a welcome change to these conditions.

Jemna Gleamsilver
ROX! ROX! Who is she? Oh god! Her smile looks a mile wide up against the glass… Whoever she is; I will have my revenge against her… Is that: A turkey? How could anyone be so cold! Like I’m not even here! ROX!

Fletch Smith
S… Spiders… So many spiders…

Talis the White
Good riddance. She has no idea what this slight will result in. I will see her ruin as soon as I see Varrams. Curse being bound to this lodge! I would have MY REVENGE! ROAR

Dralmorrer Borngray
So zee answers zey gave vere mostly zee truth… Zey seem to seek zee demise of Rezmir. Vile zis vould be a loss to zee cult, it may see Talis given her opportunity to ascend. I vill show zem to zee portal in zee morning zat zey may plead zeir case to Talis. What of Voaraghamanthar, zough? If you could just answer my question… no, zat was not actually an answer. Neither was zat. Vell, zeir intensions appear to align vith my neighbour to zee north; Alysa vill be disappointed, but zere vill be more specimens vandering by no doubt.

Alysa Payelli
Have you lost your mind, Dral? Killing these creatures is too good for them, and you’re actually planning to help them? Friends of the Pack or not, I want to make jewellery out of that one’s scales… You agreed she would be mine, and now you are orchestrating their departure? We will have words…

Ontharr Frume
Sleep well, men; Tomorrow we enter Clawdale and deliver on the promises made by our order. If any are left alive; we will see them safe. If none are, we will see vengeance against whatever evil inhabits this township now.

Wessic Wizened
You what? Of course, you know best, but they… Fine. They won’t be carrying those weapons while I still hold my station; You are already opening yourself and this whole place up to an assault from within. No, of course not. As you like, but I will be staying close to them.

Sorvic Tuddlesworth
Wut? Why you be acting at me like a lady would? Makes me all uncomfortable in my chest… stop that – I don’t want to marry you or anything even close. Weirdo.

Rezmir the Black
Parnast at last. The sooner I can leave this wretched icy wasteland the better. With the dragonmask now in hand, I have proven beyond doubt to Severin my right to my station; I will lead the rite of reawakening when we arrive at the Well.

Talis the White
I will not stand for such an affront. Were Snow White here, you would be half-way digested by now for such a suggestion. But perhaps a parlay is in order; While our goals do not align, they do appear to overlap… and if I send you to your deaths while dethroning Rezmir the Putrid… But all give and no take will never do. What can you offer me now to aid in my ascent to my rightful place?

Wessic Wizened
Alone? With those two? That one tried to sneak weapons in… [TALIS: YOU WILL DO AS I COMMAND! IF YOU QUESTION ME AGAIN I WILL FEED YOU TO THE DRAKES MYSELF!] I didn’t mean to… Yes, milady; I will escort our guests to the trophy room and remain stationed in the hall. Apologies for the delay. [TALIS: GO. NOW.] Of course.

Perhaps this one is not worthy after all… such a small chore… [TALIS: WHO DARE STAND AGAINST US? NAME THEM!] … you… are not my chosen… [TALIS: SPEAK STRAIGHT, WRETCH, OR I WILL BE ENJOYING CALAMARI TONIGHT] … … she’s gone… also… isn’t calamari squid?

Talis the White
Well, then; Whatever queer game this is to you, so long as my demands are met, I see no harm in telling you of the castle. A lich, perhaps? Why would one such as that stand to oppose us; Our grounding is making their kind… disgruntled creation, perhaps? Ontharr? The Order of the Gauntlet? Ha! A two bit operation from the south poses no threat… I see; The Harpers as well. And the Enclave. Such things are to be expected, I suppose. The Lord’s Alliance? I see. This information, if true, may prove valuable. I will tell you what you must know to depose Rezmir, but nothing more. Now leave.

Wessic Wizened
Look, lady… It’s plain as day you’re not injured… Get off my arm. Choose a blasted banner and get out. I warned you! Nobody wants a fight; take your things and go. Get in position, boys; I’ve got a feeling they’re not about to depart quietly…

Alysa Payelli
Interesting; Now they do the bidding of Talis? Dral may have been right about that, but that half-cast will still be mine…

Wassat? I smell it too boys… quiet, now… smells… well, not very fresh, but alive. Best get a closer look… might be one of Talis’ pals… heh heh heh – maybe Talis has fewer pals tonight… heh…

Shore Leave!

Captain’s Log, the twenty-ninth day of Highsun, 1489 DR

A slightly overcast day today, with thirty-seven percent humidity, twenty-two percent precipitation, five percent chance of gettin’ out of this cursed swamp anytime soon and in one piece – aye, Squiggles, I be getting’ to that shortly – and zero percent chance of openin’ this box that Rox be holdin’ without its key. This castle does be seemin’ cozy, though… Shore Leave for everyone!

We be encounterin’ a number of locked gates or chests or doors or chastity belts, and having been a Captain for so long, me lock picking skills have grown a little rusty… so I’ll be practising for the next little while.

Crew’s Status:

Rox – I don’t care Squiggles, it be MY log, and I be doing it anyway – has a box, with some locks, but his socks smell like pox, yet has stocks that his jocks has the rocks for the knocks. See? It made perfect sense. Ye’ll be a Dark Mantle soon, Squiggles, perhaps our new companion can help with it. His last known disposition be “Insane”.

Temperance has a newly assembled Warhammer – Aye, Squiggles, ye mentioned before that it be powerful – that she has yet to attune herself with, which apparently happens when she uses it, even though she basically be using it ever since she assembled it. She just needs to be dedicating some time for it. I might suggest that she take our current opportunity for downtime. Her last known disposition be “Untuned”.

Mr.Cain be the sturdiest Wizard I have ever encountered. Maybe Jojo can take a leaf out of his book – No, Squiggles, it be a phrase. I don’t think she could even understand the scrawlings in his book if she tried. His last known disposition be “Affable”.

Jojo Does not handle being tired very well – Aye, Squiggles, she has lead a pampered life, and she’s only been adventuring outside her keep for a few months now, so it’s to be expected, and her magics be getting more powerful. Her last known disposition be “Sooky”.

Overall Status: Exhausted.

Now, onto the meaty oyster of the log, the notable events from today:

At the scallywag’s call for guards, all Seven Hells and Davey Jones’ Locker – Of course, Squiggles, and the Abyss – broke lose! Mr.Cain put some to sleep, Rox sent off a fireball, Temperance waltzed in, claiming to be a Pack of Rats member and demanded an explanation for the affront – whistle blew and some fled, then I had Squiggles cast Darkness. Their attacks were futile, since they couldn’t be seein’ me.

Jojo finally entered the room, after Rox vaulted in with his halberd, with Mr.Cain in tow… it be the blind leading the blind, and she alerted us to more approaching from the courtyard we entered from. The crafty sharks be flanking us! Har har! THIS be more like it. I called for the table to be flipped and bar the doors, but some Drake Dogs barrelled down the door before we could manage it. The last thing I remember before reprimanding Jojo for looting in the – That be different, Squiggles, no-one could see me do – True, but he be crazy and I don’t think anyone would believe him if he said anything – midst of battle be a bored looking robed lady who had just opened the door behind me and bathed the room in ice, I pulled out me Tentacle Rod – And ye not be biased, at all Squiggles? What does that mean? It means ye only like it because has rubbery tentacles – and also reprimanded her, which caused her to smile. At least, I think she smiled, I was a little occupied being mauled by a Drake Dog and “ Azbarajos I presume” escaped me lips.

I awoke not long after, to Temperance’s voice saying that I could fill her more in with the events.

I mentioned that three members of the Order of the Gauntlet captured and killed Frulem. Azbarajos told us to follow her, in order for us to relay this information to Borngray, and then she departed. Instead of following, we debated whether to follow her or not, which we did after Rox and Jojo quickly looted the room.

We be all the worst for wear. Captains learn to read the signs of their crew, they learn to identify when Shore Leave is needed, when plunderin’ be required, when spirits are low and when spirits need to be – Har har, Squiggles, that certainly be one way to identify it, but in Jojo’s defence, she’s not accustomed to this life.
Azbarajos was waiting, impatiently, for us to arrive, then disappeared into the cavernous underbelly of the castle. We came across a cliff with a crane system – I tied some rope to me grappling hook, flung it up and scaled it, reaching the top. I then hoisted Jojo and Mr.Cain up, with it breaking in the next attempt for Temperance and Rox. After some less than flattering attempts, they finally joined us at the top.

We decided to have a short rest, to let everyone catch their breath when we be set upon by a large number of Bullywugs, who seemed on guard, but not entirely hostile. Well, not until Rox called their leader Pharblex “fat”, that be. I tried to calm the situation down, but those frogs didn’t want a piece of it. I mentioned before, that Captains can read their crew. Well, after that Pharblex fight, the only two still standing be I and Rox – Well, ye not really be ‘standing’, though, Squiggles… ye be more ‘sitting’ on me shoulder.

We revived them and decided to find somewhere safe to rest for eight hours. We found a nice room right at the entrance to the caverns. Rox and I went to collect the valuables from the battle-room while the others prepared themselves for a rest. Not long after we arrived, we were interrupted by a knock on the door, similar to the secret one I devised. It turns out it be none other than Borngray himself – Aye, Squiggles, I be with ye on that one – anyone with an eyepatch be trustworthy. He agreed to letting us rest and we could discuss matters in the morning. He even offered us some lavish rooms. I guess we be resting here for now, which means we can go through this newly acquired booty.

Aloysuis Cain and the Twin Towers

Lighting blasts around and through me. Apparently Jojo does not appreciate being mocked, though she will claim she was aiming behind me.
We fan out into the castle and begin exploring, before long running into more frogmen and tuckersfolk. Oh and drake dogs, those are new. Tucker claims they are friends as we are assailed by them. He is unconvincing, and we fell them. Tucker is told we no longer require his services. I’ve taken some hefty damage to my spell slinging arm though and it hurts rather bad.

We enter one of the two towers, and find a refuse pit. We abandon this tower and head into the other. This one appears to be a domicile for a…. red wizard? Jojo tests her weapon out by smashing a barrel of wine across the floor, ruining this room. We move into the next and, what’s this? A spell book just for me. I bag it for later.

We set our packs down for a rest. Not a moment too soon either, my arm was really nagging me. Once sitting down, it’s apparent to me that there are entirely too many rugs in here, and we begin moving them about, until Rox comes across a panel set into the floor, just as I susoected. It contained a strongbox that he sets to opening that when the door flies open and a group of robed men burst in.

A battle of metal and magic breaks out and we overcome all but a purple robed individual. When it was clear to him that he was outnumbered, he fled, setting the now wine covered floor ablaze as he left. The others charge down the stairs after him, braving the flames. I head up to the roof, but finding no emergency exit there, take the stairs down after my colleagues.

Temperance and Rox question the purple robed fellow to death, before the Captain tells us he saw a red wizard leave through the North door of this courtyard. We open the door in question and…

I lead and you ... Leave me to die

The Raft of NOPE!
It is dawn and as sun rises over the lake we can see the Lizard folk walk and swim off the island. We traipse over to the island and I feel that my boots may never be the same again, when I return to water deep I hope that the boot maker has made some new boots out of that divine skin I picked up in the temple of fashion worship.
When we arrive there are now 16 boats available and Tucker, Urths new friend lets us know that it is likely that we will have to spend a night in the water. I am concerned does this mean that I will have to leave my poor horse? It also seems to perturb Temperance more than it should.
As Maybe Daddy and Temperance are a little more muscularly built than I, it is thought that they should lash some of the canoes together to make a raft of sorts so that they are able to keep all of their things together. The pros and cons are discussed and the logic seems sound
The horses are finally mentions and we start trying to figure out how to bring them with us
So maybe Aly Darling can make the horse fly and ride over the water … Nope.
Maybe they can swim the horses … Nope.
The raft thing can take the horses … Nope.
I ask Urth to have a word with the horses and let them know that they need to take care of themselves for a little while but we will be back and that they should take care of each other while we are gone. Urth lowers himself to the ground and begins to … tell us that there is something approaching. He stands again and reads for battle.
Aly Darling starts lashing the canoes together … Nope! I am not going on that thing, it is hardly water worthy, and surely Maybe Daddy will tell them just nope that thing is.
Aloysius just destroyed the least terrible of the boats and assimilated it into the Nope raft of Nope.
I save a boat and push it a little way out into the water so the Aloysius is unable to assimilate this canoe into the raft? So that I am at least able to row myself somewhat safely.
A man emerges from the rushes. He is not bad looking; he wears a leather jacket and has pale skin and brown hair. Maybe he has a touch more fashionable inclinations than Temperance and Urth.
Maybe Daddy approaches and open dialogue with newcomer, who not unintelligently converses with squiggles it is likely that he will get more sense form him on occasion.
Temperance joins the conversation and Varagamantha is mentioned, this name unsettles Jemna. Poor little thing. Although it does appear that the new comer, Roxs, knows Jemna. I do like Jemna, perhaps this guy is good after all. Apparently he was a part of “the Family” and while he came up on a mission for them, it seems that he stayed and did little something extra of his own accord, well of Terrence’s accord. I am sure that Terrance will come out and meet us when he finds a form he likes. Apparently Vaggy wants Urth, he is the leader of the Urthlings after all and now Vaggy wants him to be his champion or something? I don’t know really, but that is another problem for another day.

Dragons are big, huge, enormous, immense.
Vaggy lands in the water, good thing really otherwise there would be no land for us, he is black and shiny, he really is a beautiful creature in a terrifying way.
He asks for Tribute … I might just um stay here out of the way … I don’t’ really have anything of worth really … well except for a few small trinkets that I am sure really wouldn’t matter to him and his what must be amassed wealth any way.
He speaks to Urth and tells him that he is taking him away with him… But, before he does that Urth will need to withstand a test… Vaggy Breathes on him.
Oh my best silk sheets! How did Urth survive? No matter, surely after that we will be allowed to keep our Urth and Vaggy will fly off to terrorise the next poor creature to walk unsuspectingly into the Marshes.
The Dragon still wants tribute!
He took my Tiara. My new Tiara. Ok so maybe not mine exactly but I would have returned it to it owner eventually; you know when they claimed it while they saw me wearing it. I am not so bold as to lie about where I got items. Well if he is going to have it he should wear it properly … at least give the true owner a chance to see it. Nope, he won’t even let me attach it to a horn for him. This Dragon seems to be most unreasonable. I offer up an extra piece of Platinum. It is my one and only in the hopes that he will be satisfied and leave. Aly is apparently as rich as he is adept in constructing rafts. Although, Aly darling has a lump of caol that Vaggy did seem interested in for a moment or two.
Vaggy speaks, he sets us a quest. Really? I mean it not like we don’t already have one with the reclaiming of my brother and the reinstating of my family to their former glory. Oh and the annihilation of the pack of rats and stopping the Dragon Queen from rising. Oh sure thing while we are at it we will collect some rings and some books of Dark sermons that just happen to be bound in his scales.
I bet the books are really beautiful, he really is a magnificent beast. Apparently they are all the books are with the cult, of the five rings there two already with Vaggy and there is one also with the cult so I guess that we can pick them up once we have killed them all.
He asks us to strip. NOPE just No, oh top half only … ok so it seems that everyone else seems to be ok with it and I … slowly, remove my top. Now what?
Ok, you might be pretty awesome, but you’re insane.
No, Daddy will not stab me … Oh Dark… Ok so I am moving now I wonder where? Oh… just here. Well, I appreciate the thought, I return and I am stabbed by Urth, with my mace… oh now there is a thought …
Every one stabs someone and Vaggy is appeased. Dragons are scary, beautiful, but scary.
He takes Urth. Well he orders Urth to carry away our tribute. But Urth he is gone… No! Who else will I ride? Who else will be able to carry all the boxes and bags after I go shopping? Who else will warn us not to go down that tunnel with his grandpas axe?
I will miss Urth.
Temperance wonderful creature that she is heals us all to the best of our abilities. Jemna takes some doing after all Temperance was the one that stabbed her. I have a funny feeling that Temperance doesn’t approve of Jemna. I will have to ask one day.
Temperance also has a quick hat to Onthar and lets him know what we have learnt so far …. There is terrible news from him as he seems to be riding and taking the “army” such that it is … in the wrong direction. … Oh now there is another thought… I wonder if the rings that we have are some of the rings that Vaggy is looking for … hmmm.
Well assist Temperance to attach her Bahamut WarHammer head onto the long pole that we obtained from Frulem. It took many, and I do mean many little fire bolts to get the pole she had affixed to it earlier out. Between Aly Darling, Foxy Roxy and Myself we manage. The pole fits in perfectly and Wow … now that is a WarHammar.
Our new companion Foxy Roxy accompanies us, he seems to want to return to the family sometime soon and is tagging along with Jemna to do so. He might come in handy; he also seems to be rather intelligent as he to opts for a singular canoe rather than the Raft of Nope.
Maybe Daddy… trusts? The Raft of Nope. Well he boards the craft and stands at the front of it. I am not sure what he is doing exactly but maybe he is driving it? How very odd. I personally am feeling good about my decision to refrain from boarding. We all start of on our adventure to the Astronomer’s Castle Nerratar.
We row for a few hours, Roxs keep letting isknow when we are getting to far from our northern direction. We set up a watch for the evening. I sit my turn and have a bad choice to make. I wake either Temperperance or Aly. I wake Temperrance and I cast dark vision on her so that her watch can actually be watched rather then her turning on that awful shield and lighting is up like a light house for all the wonderful big bads to find us. The night continues uninterrupted.
We continue the next day and before long we see the castle.
As we approach there are some more Tuckers approach. They are called the Scaley Death and they are the outer guard for the castle.
As it comes into view we plan what we feel is attacking the castle. We figure that that’s a terrible idea.
Temperance voices her need to put on her armour.
We move around the island with the castle and see if there is a place we can land … Oh look that seems that they have a dock for us to land at.
As we land Temperance puts her armour while I talk to a different Tucker.
Tucker is then replaced by and oversized tad with some attitude issues.
Stupid Ballywag! I lead the way into the castle the group follows. I am close to finding Nox I am so pleased I have the support of my fellows to be able to do this.

The Weed that Walks

JoJo and Jemna meet up with us under the glowing sky fire and we tell them what has happened with the crates and the Urthlings. Tucker goes into detail about Voragamanthor who is a black dragon that lives here and makes the Urthlings scared. We are all sleepy and look to get away from the sky fire and for some ground that we can sleep on for the night. Tucker insists we need to be careful of “The Weed that Walks”, heh Urth is not scared of weeds and tells Tucker not to be scared. On the walk Tucker tells us of the marking trees and how the treasure goes from one marking tree to another and that the trees were made by the shamans. After heading north for a bit we find a large sand bank that we can all sleep on and we settle in for the night.

We get about an hour into sleep when we are awoken to Urths axe vibrating, there are shambling vine creatures coming up on to the sandbar. These must be “The Weeds that Walk” that Tucker was talking about. They don’t seem so scary, Urth knows how to take care of trees…. With his axe. The fight did not quite go as planned the plants seemed to want to eat Urth, but not today. Urth wakes up to find the plant monsters are no more and that his head hurts, Urth sits back down to sleep. While Urth is on watch, Frulem starts to wake up so Urth kicks Tempy to wake her up and grabs the evil woman to stop her from leaving. This woman makes Urth so mad, she killed all of Urths tribe and sits with a smile on her face. Urth should rip her head off…. Urth will rip her head off. Tempy interrogates Frulem about wyrmspeakers and Tiamat, whatever that is, and finds out that Resmir is waiting at Narerytar. Frulem also says that Tempy killed her boyfriend Draph, but Tempy wouldn’t do that unless Draph was a bad man so if she did then good. Frulem tries to do magic at Tempy so I wrap my hands around her eyes and mouth, you can’t magic something you can’t see! Tempy gets the names of the wyrmspeakers; Varram, Nerymoane, Resmir, Severinn and Galvin. The wyrmspeakers are raising Tiamat at the Well of Souls. Frulem threatens Tempy with the wrath of Voragamanthor and to prove her point she calls on him and there is a giant strike of lightning in the distance. JoJo finds out that Nox has joined the cult and is in Narerytar. Frulem gets up to leave after they all talk and Urth can’t take it anymore, Urth charges at Frulem and tries to kill the evil woman that has caused all this pain and suffering. Suddenly Urth falls asleep and doesn’t remember anything else.

When Urth wakes up Tempy has Frulems body with her, good. Frulem deserved to die. Alwish sits down to look at the items that Frulem had and Jemna comes back to let us know she has found the marking trees. We all sit down to finally sleep. In the morning we head out to the first marking tree and Tempy buries Frulem. The marking tree points north to the next tree and we head off. As we head north Urth and JoJo hear croaking up ahead. JoJo wiggles her fingers and says she can understand them, they are planning to fight and kill Tuckers people. This makes Urth mad, but Tempy says we should not kill them because we don’t know that they are bad…. She makes sense. We travel around the bullywugs and continue north until we see the water and a flat stone area with 4 canoes and a tent. Tucker runs forward and brings back birds for everyone, the birds look like they have been beaten with a rock and left in the sun…… turns out that is exactly what has been done. Urth will never say no to free food and Tucker is Urths new friend, so Urth eats his bird. It is not tasty like Just the Spot rolls, but it is not bad. JoJo doesn’t seem to like her food so she cooks it and Tucker is not happy. Cap’n and Alwish test out the canoes but it seems that they will not be enough to hold everyone safely, this is why Urth will swim. Tucker says that there will be more boats in the morning and we should wait for them. We decide to head off aways and watch for the new boats to arrive and not meet any more of Tuckers people, and settle in for the night about a mile away from the boats. In the night there appears 8 lanterns in the distance, but Urth cannot make out what they are. As Urth gets closer to have a look the lanterns seem to be moving away from Urth as fast as he gets close. Urth goes back and Alwish makes Urth invisible to sneak up on the lanterns, but as he gets close they again move away. Urth asks Tempy to stand on one side of the lights and Urth circles around to the other side to sandwich the lights between Urth and Tempy. As soon as Urth got closer than ever the lights disappeared! Urth sits down and nurses his head as the lights are very confusing… and watches for the boats. A little after sun up the boats arrive and the lizard men depart, we head forward to begin our boat ride.


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